Raphael Fellmer, anti-capitalist propagandist

As one of the emerging Stars of the Occupy Berlin movement, Raphael Fellmer is the real thing. Today he was speaking  the  Berlin Biennale at Berlin’s KW Institute for Contermporary Art, an experimental forum of cultural and political alternative art forms in full swing until July 7.

A pragmatist who believes that political ideals, and environmentalist theory and practice must go hand-in-hand he has been doing the right thing by anti-capitalism, living and raising a family, without money, for the past two years. His website and movement Forward the (R)evolution is a wake up call, and philosophical foundation (be the change you want to see in the world)  for all those who feel cheated by progress and consumerism to reconnect with the nomad, the traveller and the explorer in them and awake to our role of stewardship of the planet. His fans on Facebook love him althought his detractors are somewhat bemused at his urban survival strategy, which includes feeding himself from food rests and supermarket waste.

Like many activists in the Occupy movement Fellmer is calling out for a lifestyle of authenticity in harmony with yourself and the planet. He advocates a new culture of sharing be it Hitchhiking, couch surving, carsharing, foodsharing, task and skill exchanging and a resurrection of the on-the-road spirit. Fellman smiles a lot but not all the way to the bank and has no intention of opening a bank account for the forseeable future.

“Human beings,” he writes in his Blog, are “born nomads and will remain eternal wanderers in their hearts drawn to the road less traveled.”


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