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This site is about my work as a content producer, freelance journalist, travel writer, photographer and Blogger. In the Content Lab, (sometimes kitchen), I work, play, and experiment from conception to work in progress to finished product.  Connecting culture, people and content and communicating this in a variety of media formats combining text, image and video. See some examples  here…

Meet Berliners!

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BerlinersBlog is about Berliners who set out on personal and professional journeys  turning a passion or a vision into reality.  Many were motivated by the winds of change which turned the city into a vast experimental free zone inspiring stories, quests, projects, products, dreams and the odd nightmare.  I meet and write about Berliners who are creatively shaping the city and in some way living out its motto: BE BERLIN.

Who are Berlin’s provocateurs, artists, start-up entrepreneurs, eco-gurus, designers, clowns, filmmakers, innovative sparks and fesche Lolas today?

Yamile digital nomad

She calls herself a digital nomad, creative entrepreneur, indigenous adoptee, proud introvert, sirius mermaid, web biz coach for artists and other creative, free minded spirits. Meet Yamile Yemoonyah a creative entrepeneur and world traveller from Berlin. It’s that name, a … Continue reading

About BerlinersBlog

Culture Connects! BerlinersBlog introduces  Berliners today, creative and enterprising personalities, change makers, “Berlinmacher” who are shaping Berlin’s urban texture with ideas, projects, events or products which are contributing to the rich canvas of passions and stories which make up this city. In BerlinersBlog I write about  Berliners’ cultural diversity, self-discovery and initiative,  introducing Berliners who turned a … Continue reading